EV Chargers, Hampden Park & Ride – March 2017

In partnership with Siemens, Lochwynd have successfully installed 2 no. EV chargers outside Hampden National Stadium Park & Ride.  These works have been done on behalf of Glasgow City Council and are part of a larger scheme to install Siemens EV chargers at approximately 10 locations in and around the city to help improve the zero emissions target and to also provide an Electrical Vehicle Charging Station in prime locations to encourage more people that electrical vehicles are the future.

Lochwynd carried out all the groundworks necessary to install the underground apparatus from the EV charger bases / ducting / white lining & green non-slip bay markings to the installation of the SPEN housing cabinet.  Our electricians installed the chargers and brought them fully up to commissioning level with the completion of our NIEEIC 17th Edition paperwork, leaving our partners Siemens to do the final tests and energise the EV units.